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It’s time to rethink our lifestyle! ♻️                                                                        It’s time to think in a Happy Earth! 🌳🌍                            

Our Commitment

We are a company created with the spirit of transforming our daily living experience to a natural and sustainable one for the planet and for all. Happy Earth offers high-quality eyewear and we are working hard to build our entire value chain under a circular and regenerative model.

We work to promote the use of eco-friendly eyewear, Low waste products and sustainable fashion in our communities and grow as a more conscious society. We work to embrace the awareness that we human beings are one with nature, just another living creature that is part of this marvelous enviromental balance.

We truly believe that we all can help and contribute in the protection of the environment. Happy Earth wants to be involved in the global solutions, because everyday we as a consumers can make our choices a more positive ones.

Now more tan ever small steps and little actions that a single person does make a big difference, besides let’s enjoy learning about sustainability, it’s fun to discover ways and solutions that makes ourselves and our planet a happier ones.

We don’t need to be perfect and do everything at one time, it’s just our minds and bodies getting used to those habits, in our perfect rhythm, everyday moving forward.

Let’s inspire one another with tips and ideas we find out about in this beautiful journey back to the basics for a Happy EARTH.

Our Standard

We source only the finest sustainable materials to create our hand-crafted, wearable pieces of everyday premium. Our processes demand hands-on
expertise and an intricate attention to detail.